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Frontier Research Report Cover (October 2012 Issue)Frontier Research Report

October 2012 Issue

We thought it worthwhile to alert you that we have just released the October issue of the newsletter with our latest investment recommendation, and it covers one of the most compelling gold exploration stories we have seen in awhile.

Carlos Andres, our managing editor and chief analyst, has identified a junior explorer that is in the process of defining a large-scale high-grade gold deposit in a mining-friendly gold-producing jurisdiction.

The management team has substantial experience with the local geology and has been involved with finding and developing major gold discoveries in this prolific gold belt in the past.  Nevertheless, this publicly-traded micro-cap Canadian junior is flying under the radar and the stock is well undervalued.  As most of you know, it is the promising high-risk, high-reward junior exploration companies that offer the greatest leverage to a rising gold price.


(from our companion site the Global Resource Investor)

Gold is up 11 years in a row through 2011, averaging 17% per year, and is up 15% year-to-date.  As a result gold production has managed to reach all-time highs over the past couple of years, and many producers are enjoying record profitability.

However, unknown to most, the industry is struggling to find new deposits of sufficient size and quality to replace diminishing gold reserves.  This places enormous value on new discoveries with the right characteristics to attract the attention of major producers.

This is where the world-class experience and expertise of our own Mr. Andres comes into play, who specializes in identifying overlooked and undervalued resource exploration plays in emerging and frontier markets.

Most mainstream analysts see these markets as too risky, but Carlos digs into the details to separate wheat from the chaff; fact from fiction.  Methodically, he is able to identify opportunities where perceived risk is often much higher than actual risk.  In these markets, the Frontier Research Report sets the standard.

Family offices, specialized fund managers, and high net worth individuals who allocate a portion of their precious metals portfolio to small-cap international exploration companies with the goal of providing a boost to overall portfolio returns will find this issue of the Frontier Research Report of tremendous value.

The newsletter is not currently taking new subscribers, however Carlos agreed to offer the current issue on a stand-alone basis.

This provides you with an opportunity to review the newsletter without committing to a full year’s subscription.  When the subscriber list is open, the annual subscription price is US$450, and the price for a single issue is US$47.

For the next 7 Days, Carlos has agreed to provide the current issue at a 20% discount or for


When the 7 Day offer expires, this issue will no longer be available to non-subscribers.

You will find that the newsletter is very comprehensive in its coverage and yet equally comprehensible.  It provides detailed coverage of the investment opportunity that is easy to understand, in an engaging and instructive style.  It is well researched, clear, concise, and likely a highly profitable opportunity.

The following link will take you to the sales page, where you can purchase the current issue of the Newsletter.

*Just enter the following discount code when you make your purchase to receive your 20% discount: L4Q7rHQ8gLFt

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(from our companion site the Global Resource Investor)


August 3, 2012
An Interview with Managing Editor & Chief Analyst Carlos Andres
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report

Select frontier markets, once eyed skeptically as fraught with danger, are now some of the most robust economies in the world. But the shares of companies exploring and producing in these markets often continue to lag based on long-held fears that are no longer valid. How does an investor decipher that fine line between real and perceived? Carlos Andres, the chief analyst and managing editor of the Frontier Research Report and the Global Resource Investor, makes his living informing retail investors about risks in the junior resource space. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Andres discusses how to capitalize on the narrowing gap between real and perceived risks in South America and beyond.

The Gold Report: Carlos, you note in the January edition of Frontier Research Report, entitled “2011 In Review: A World in Turmoil,” that only three countries with major stock exchanges finished 2011 in the black: Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Is the face of global risk changing?

Carlos Andres: In a word? Yes. Some emerging and frontier markets with significant natural resource endowments continue to emerge as robust places to invest and weather economic storms for savvy investors. Paradoxically, the world’s developed economies have become the more risky markets.

TGR: What factors are contributing to that?

CA: On the one hand, robust natural resource demand has asserted itself over the last decade, led by Asia in general and China in particular. Latin America deserves favorable mention as well. This is reflected in the rise in global commodity prices over the same period. It’s being fueled by factors such as population growth, industrialization, urbanization and infrastructure development driving income growth and middle-class expansion. As a result, when you are operating in these markets, there is a strong sense of economic activity, optimism and wealth creation. It’s tangible. You can see it and feel it.

On the other hand, as has been covered ad nauseam by media of all kinds, developed world markets are mired in myriad types of interlinking crises: financial, political, budgetary, debt, employment, military, etc. This fuels a high degree of uncertainty for investors in these markets. To a certain extent this is masking the economic growth on other markets.

TGR: Can you rank what you consider the top risks in the junior resource space?

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An Interview with Carlos Andres Managing Editor & Chief Analyst of FRR Friday – February 25, 2011 – 5pm Pacific Time Click the mp3 link on the left to hear a recent radio interview of Carlos Andres on the topic of Frontier Markets.  The interview was conducted by respected market commentator Moe Ansari who is […]

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Of Harvests, Festivals & Gold Wealth

If there is ever a right time during the year to own gold and the shares of gold mining companies, which are highly leveraged to gold, now is it.  Over the course of the current bull market in gold, which began in 2000, the Sweat of the Sun has typically, although not always, rallied strongly […]

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Of Gordian Knots & Nuclear Power

I woke up this morning in a problem solving mood.  So on this cold blustery day, draped in my arctic sleeping bag with a cup of Sumatran coffee close at hand and laptop resting on my lap, I set out to resolve the thorny issue of Middle East peace.  After all, you are reading the […]

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Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it… “Treasury prices rallied Tuesday after the Federal Reserve delivered on more bond buying, announcing that it will buy more long-term Treasury securities to help keep the U.S. economic recovery on track and avoid deflation.” Wall Street Journal – August 10, 2010, 4:52 P.M. ET What recovery?  From our lofty […]

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