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The crew of the Frontier Research Report is uniquely equipped and intensely focused on achieving spectacular investment portfolio Profits for its subscribersThis is not a gimmick or a come on.  We are able to achieve such results by applying a potent mix of world class expertise and lengthy experience to unearth overlooked natural resource oriented opportunities in carefully selected Emerging and Frontier Markets.

In many such countries, Perceived Risk often greatly exceeds Actual Risk and we position our intrepid subscribers to profit from the difference.  This approach sets the stage for out-sized Profits among investments in well researched companies that demonstrate they have the right stuff to be successful.

For over two decades investors in the western world have blindly entrusted their wealth to investment advisers that manage their IRAs, 401(k)s, mutual funds, pension funds and the like.  Wealth preservation has been taken for granted as Wall Street assured the public that their savings was safe in their capable hands and that investment growth over time was guaranteed.

They continue to offer investors the same old tired U.S.-centered mix of bonds, small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap stocks.  Your particular mix typically depends on factors such as your age, financial needs and objectives, and tolerance for risk.  They enter this information into a computer and it magically produces the right investment mix for you.

A quick review of U.S. stock markets over the last 13 years will show very clearly that this approach has been a miserable failure!  All three of the major U.S. stock indexes, the Dow, S&P500, and Nasdaq, have simply been treading water over the last 13 years with returns of +19%, +1%, and -24% respectively.

The consequence of this is that  investors are increasingly coming to the realization that they need to play a more active and hands on role in managing their hard earned savings and investments.

Commodities vs U.S. Stock Markets - 13 Year Comparison Chart

If you can’t grow or preserve your wealth in the big US or European markets and foreign markets are just too risky or inaccessible, where can you go?

Well what-if carefully selected emerging or frontier markets are neither more risky nor inaccessible in comparison to the US and Europe?  What if this is only a common misconception?

In contrast to the terrible performance of well known markets, as outlined above, there is an ongoing Bull Market in commodities in general, and gold in particular.  This trend is even more pronounced in overlooked Frontier Markets whose economies are Natural Resource driven.  Notice in the same chart above that commodities as a group are up close to +172%, with Gold leading the way at +475% over the last 13 years.

The Frontier Research Report is your road back to portfolio growth and your personal gateway into the vast, untapped and profitable realm of natural resources in Emerging and Frontier Markets.  We are convinced that over the next several years of the ongoing Commodities Super-Cycle, Generational Wealth will be built.

Every investor’s portfolio should have exposure to natural resources.  Therefore, we invite you to join other sophisticated investors who are already enjoying the benefits of world-class research and exhaustive due diligence as published in our newsletter.  We provide detailed actionable intelligence on well-researched and carefully selected natural resource companies from the Frontier where most stock analysts fear to tread.

Join us now on the investment journey of a lifetime and take full advantage of our Risk Free 1 Month Trial and get 20% Off the normal retail price.  Your Premium Membership also gives you access to the newsletter archives along with regular company and portfolio updates.  The money you make on a single recommendation can more than pay for the subscription price, so what are you waiting for?  We look forward to getting acquainted.


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