Radio Interview With Carlos Andres Discussing Frontier Markets 
     Radio Interview With Carlos Andres Discussing Frontier Markets http://frontierresearchreport.com/2011/02/frontier-markets-2/
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An Interview with Carlos Andres
Managing Editor & Chief Analyst of FRR

Friday – February 25, 20115pm Pacific Time

KABC Interview - Moe AnsariClick the mp3 link on the left to hear a recent radio interview of Carlos Andres on the topic of Frontier Markets.  The interview was conducted by respected market commentator Moe Ansari who is the longtime radio host of Market Wrap, a nationally syndicated radio broadcast that has been on the air for 22 years.  Over these years, Moe has interviewed some of the most informed and authoritative figures in the fields of economics, finance, business, and public policy.  Some of the distinguished guests who have appeared on the show include:

  • Mr. Frank Holmes—President and CEO of U.S. Global Investors
  • Dr. Milton Friedman – World Renowned Economist
  • Mr.Sam Stovall—Sr. Investment Strategist, Standard & Poors
  • Mr. Chuck Jaffe—Personal Finance Columnist at MarketWatch.com
  • Ms. Christine Benz—Mutual Fund Editor, Morningstar
  • Mr. Walter Updegrave—Sr. Editor of Money Magazine and CNN/Money
  • Dr. Jeffrey Frankel—Prof. Capital Formation at Harvard Business School
  • Mr. John Brynjolfsson—Managing Director at PIMCO
  • Mr. William Niskanen—Chairman of the Cato Institute
  • Prof. Robert Reich – Economist & Former Secretary of Labor
  • Mark Hulbert – Editor of the Hulbert Financial Digest
  • Ms. Pamela and Ms. Mary Anne Aden—”The Aden Forecast”
  • Dr. Robert Prechter—President, Elliott Wave International
  • Mr. John Buckingham—Publisher of the “Prudent Speculator”

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