Radio Interview With Carlos Andres Discussing Frontier Markets 
     Radio Interview With Carlos Andres Discussing Frontier Markets http://frontierresearchreport.com/2011/02/frontier-markets-2/
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In keeping with our genuine desire to add value to our reader’s investment activities, it is our pleasure to share with you the following informative interview series.

Carlos Andres - A Frontier CapitalistThe series consists of a relaxed 4 part interview with the engaging Carlos Andres, managing editor and chief analyst of the Frontier Research Report.  The interview covers his unique entrepreneurial background, developing natural resource opportunities in emerging and frontier markets, how demand from Asia is reshaping the global mining industry, and the election of leftist Ollanta Humala and its implications for mining  in Peru, among other emerging and frontier market related topics.

The interview was conducted by Mark Wallace, a co-managing editor of the popular blog Capitalist Exploits.

You can click to the individual parts of the interview series using the links below:

  1. A Frontier Capitalist Part I – Entrepreneurial and International Background
  2. A Frontier Capitalist Part II – How China’s Global Resource Demand is Changing the World
  3. A Frontier Capitalist Part III – Geopolitics and the election of leftist Ollanta Humala in Peru
  4. A Frontier Capitalist Part IV – Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets


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