• Investing In Frontier Markets
    Profiting on the Arbitrage between Percieved Risk and Actual Risk 
  • Of Harvests, Festivals & Gold Wealth
    Investors Ignore Gold Seasonality at Their Peril 
     Investors Ignore Gold Seasonality at their Peril http://frontierresearchreport.com/2010/08/harvests-festivals-gold-wealth/
  • Portfolio Diversification – Are you using the right kind?
    "There is highly profitable diversification and then there is the kind Wall Street practices." 
  • Of Gordian Knots & Nuclear Power
    Uranium Projects & Geo-Politics 


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It may sound too good to be true but it is not.  The Frontier Research Report is an exclusive newsletter for sophisticated investors that provides insight into the most profitable sector of the investing world today; namely Natural Resources.

In far flung corners of the globe,  little known emerging companies are making fortunes for our select group of investors with operations in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East.  Best of all you can buy them on major foreign stock exchanges through your existing broker.

Periodically our intrepid analyst and adventurer Carlos Andres sends back his dispatch from the field.  These previously private dispatches that are now made available in the Frontier Research Report have proven time and time again to be a modern day treasure map.  Andres is not your run of the mill stock picker.  Not by a long shot:

Part Financier – He puts his money where his mouth (or keyboard) is.

Part Geologist – He digs, crawls, scrapes and analyzes rocks miles from the nearest road.

Part Forensic Analyst – He knows how to sift through company financials, regulatory filings, news releases, and conduct management interviews to unearth the real story.

Part Economist – He understands the business cycle, monitors international capital flows and recognizes emerging trends!  AND he knows why they matter!


Part Diplomat – He understands the political risks and benefits better than any embassy staffer ever could.

While Carlos is a man of many talents FRR is all about PROFITS.  FRR subscribers benefit from finding undiscovered opportunities ahead of the pack. They are ahead of the trend.  They are individuals and individualists unafraid of being contrarian and exploring the unfamiliar.  FRR subscribers have already learned what the mainstream has not yet discovered:

If You Heard about It on CNBC or Read about it in the Wall Street Journal, It’s Way Too Late!

If you want to be ahead of the crowd and taking profits as the herd jumps into an investment then FRR is right for you.  YOU CAN TRY IT NOW WITH A 30 DAY RISK FREE TRIAL.  Click below to  join us on the journey of a lifetime as we build generational wealth.

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